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Jeans ZARA        Sweater HOPE        Sunglases RayBan


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One night in Copenhagen!

Pics  1: Me on the train from Sweden     2.Shoping in Copenhagen     3.Maja 4.Christiania     5.Karin in Christiania


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I’m so sorry.. But with extremely busy weeks and no sleep during weekends I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. I know.. I promise to make it up to you!


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Last weekend I was in Lund for my brothers universities’ annual spring ball. It was an amazing night, will upload more pics later. I know I look like I’m in a rush on these pics, but I was (these pictures are taken 3 seconds before the taxi arrived!)

Dress: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection           Bag: H&M          Shoes: YSL


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essie nailpolish


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It might look warm and tropical, but it wasn’t. The ocean in Torekov was 5°C and I was the first (and only) one in!
Proud? Hell yeah! My first dip this year was on the 5th of April!

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What better way to celebrate the lovely month of May than to treat yourself with some really luxurious products? Lightweight beauty oil, lightweight serum foundation, glowy self tan, under eye bag treatment, perfume for my hair and bronzing powder in beautiful packaging is what I crave this month. All products are suitable for sun and […]

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Spring is here in full bloom and soon summer is upon us, so what would be better than to welcome it with a perfect pair of sneakers for school, work or your everyday adventures? Since 1982 these classic sneakers have been worn by famous basketball players, later on rapidly gained status in fashion and have become […]

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During the last weekend in June this year, Nike will take NTC Tour to Stockholm together with Nike Women’s 10k which means a weekend pumped with energy and tons of endorphins! To get the crowd even more excited Nike joined forces with the Swedish fashion designer Ann-Sofi Back. Click through the slideshow above to see more images! […]

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On May 4th the Met Gala marked the grand opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit and the theme for this year was “China: Through the Looking Glass”. We have followed celebrities on their way to and at the Met Gala 2015, to see how the guests choose their fashion to match the theme of […]

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If you, like us always are interested in finding out about new aspiring designer talents and brands to keep track of you should check out Arethé Stockholm, founded by the duo Alina Bendikova and Reza Alipourin in 2013. The brand was a participant of Swedish Fashion Talents 2015 and had a fashion show at Stockholm fashion week. […]

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For the Spring 2015 collection Dr Denim took off from George Harrison’s album ‘All things must pass‘ and reinterpreted the Californian free spirit of the 70’s era. With help from the traveler Nuria Val and her partner and photographer Coke Bartrina, Dr Denim encourages people to get off the beaten path and head towards new […]

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There is many ways to wellness and a good and jolly lifestyle. Perhaps yoga, fitness, healthy food or whatever your thing is. Here is a gathering of five wellness-accounts on Instagram for you if you want some inspiration for a more healthier way of life. @mandymartini Mandy Vazquez is a sporty young woman from LA/Sweden. She is a […]

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Put classy, boho and hippie in a mixer and voila -there you have Chloé! Chloé gave us lace like we’ve never seen it before and a sudden vision of the exact style you want to wear all summer. Every color is just not to dare but not yet to discreet. Hats off to the gorgeous models who rocked the no-makeup-makeup-look […]

Fashion 4 weeks ago Denise Karlsson

The last day of press week we took a closer look at Cheap Monday‘s collection for Fall 2015, that showed pieces in faux fur, leather (imitation), velvet and of course jeans. Stripes, plaids and torn jeans fabrics gives the collection a Lord of the Flies or deserted island feel with stylish installations to tie the […]